About Healthcare 2000

In 1988 the name Healthcare 2000 was registered with an eye on the 21st century. The vast majority of people know how difficult it is to lose weight and we have all seen hundreds of diets, meal replacements, pills and potions, and more recently fat burners that produce weight loss in your sleep!

Slimming at Healthcare 2000 is forever and that is why we are still thriving after 35 years. Forget gimmicks that do not work – surely we all know that by now! The best way to lose weight safely is to change your eating habits, eat fewer calories than you burn and get more exercise. If you cannot achieve this by yourself then Healthcare 2000 can help you reach your goals.

Patients work with a fully qualified doctor on a weekly basis and with the help of suitable medication to control your appetite you will feel less hungry and therefore it will be easier to make the necessary dietary changes. We do not use meal replacements or milky drinks or advocate any diet that you cannot continue with for the rest of your life.

The doctors at Healthcare 2000 have carried out thousands of consultations and have a wealth of experience to help you lose weight successfully.

Our Medical Team

The two doctors working at Healthcare 2000 are probably the most experienced weight management doctors in Northern Ireland and both have worked for the clinic for more than 20 years.

Our Integrity

Healthcare 2000 started in 1988 and have treated thousands of patients over the past 30 years. Healthcare 2000 are founder members of the Obesity Management Association and are regulated by "The Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority, Northern Ireland.


The cost of a one to one consultation with a full qualified doctor is £22 per week, except for the first consultation which is £25. The cost includes any medication prescribed. Once you have reached your target weight you are free to call into the clinic for advice and support and to get weighed at anytime free of charge. 


To make an appointment or for a friendly chat telephone 02890 455556.

Or just call in when passing 62A Bloomfield Ave. We are close to the Connswater Shopping Centre



"The Doctors are really superb, and always encouraging. We simply couldn't have done it without them. My husband and I joined Healthcare 2000 together, and we both lost weight beyond our expectations. Concise expert advice helped us change the way we thought about food, and what we ate. It really does work, and it was reassuring to have everything supervised by top class health professionals"
Jackie E, Bangor

"I have tried everything to lose weight over the years, finally I am losing weight consistently each week. The support and advice I have got from the staff at Healthcare 2000 has really helped me. I now really feel in control of my eating"
P Quigg, Antrim

"Having tried many different diets and not being able to keep the weight off I decided to give Healthcare 2000 a go. The doctors have given me great advice about eating the right and wrong kinds of food. I have noticed a change not only in my body shape but I now feel I have more energy than before"
L Preece, Belfast

"Healthcare 2000 are friendly and not judgemental in their approach. The appointments keep me motivated and encouraged me to reach my goal"
J Lyttle, Lisburnr

"Healthcare 2000 have really helped me lose weight and change my eating habits. The doctors are very informative and encouraging"
S Dunn, Bangor.

"Healthcare 2000 have really supported me throughout my weight loss journey, they have taught me how to change my eating habits. Without Healthcare 2000 this would not have been possible"
M McIlwaine, Belfast.

"Healthcare 2000 have really helped me lose the weight. They have encouraged me throughout my weight loss and have helped me make a lifestyle change towards my diet"
L McIlwaine, Belfast